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Pregnancy and Essential Oils

Preparing your body and home for pregnancy should begin at least three months prior to conception. Reducing toxins from your cleaning cupboards, skincare, makeup and food should become a priority. It has been found that over 200 toxic chemicals reach babies through the umbilical cord. Nutritionally you should begin supplementing your diet with an FDA approved food nutrient complex, digestive enzymes and a bone nutrient complex. Postpartum you may benefit from a phytoestrogen complex to help balance moods.

Doterra Essential Oils can support you through the physical and emotional challenges during each trimester. From nausea in the 1st trimester to heartburn and digestive issues in the 2nd and 3rd trimesters. Beautiful body butter will keep your skin soft and supple. Essential Skincare will help give you that beautiful pregnancy glow. Doterra essential oils can help you get a restful night’s sleep. Through labour and postpartum the Emotional Aromatherapy Kit will become you best friend.
Pregnancy massage is available from 13 weeks and will help you to relax and enjoy your pregnancy.

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