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All Oils Are Not Created Equal!

I fell in love with doTERRA in 2018. There is simply nothing like it.
The purity and potency of these essential oils has never been achieved until now and DoTerra has exceeded industry standards.
DoTerra has introduced a new standard CPTG – Certified Pure Tested Grade. Every batch of essential oils is tested through various stages of production from distillation through to the final product. In order for the chemistry of the oil to be exact, many standards must be met beginning in the growing phase.
DoTerra partners with growers that have, in some cases, been growing crops for generations. In order to produce the best quality oil, plants must have the correct growing conditions, and that can mean being grown in the native country of origin or most suitable climate. Plants and flowers must be harvested at just the right time to yield the best oil and must be free from pesticides.
Distillation is an art in itself as each plant requires different methods and temperatures to reap the desired results. Each batch of oil undergoes approximately 14 tests during its journey from grower to consumer. Every batch must meet the CPTG standard. Nothing is added and nothing is taken away. The result is a pure, potent and powerful gift from nature.

In so many developing countries, the exclusive partnership with doTERRA ensures fair and ongoing wages which support families, and in some cases single women, in providing food, clothing and education. Every bottle of doTERRA Essential Oil changes lives.

On the bottom of every DoTerra essential oil is a code so you are able to trace the origin of your oil. https://sourcetoyou.com/

DoTerra Essential Oils can be diffused, applied topically with a carrier oil or lotion, and most can be used to flavour food, (always check the label). Essential oils provide support for your mind, body and soul simply, safely and naturally.
I would love to share these oils with you and your family.
Disclaimer: I am a doTERRA Wellness Advocate and receive financial benefits from sharing the oils.
The good news is you can too! If you would like to create your own wellness business I’d love to help you.


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Starter packs

  • Starter packs are a great way to begin your essential oil journey! You will receive a wholesale account (normally $35)  that gives you 25% off all products!
  • There is no requirement for a minimum order or how often you order
  • Your membership automatically gives you your own personal website to help you share the oils (should you wish). The website is set up and maintained by doTERRA and you earn 25% profit on the purchases made by retail customers who purchase from your site.
  • Click here to enrol in a wholesale account and enjoy the savings.

The Loyalty Rewards Program

  • Become a regular user and enjoy the benefits of the Loyalty Rewards Program.
  • Starting at 10%, and going up to 30% in quarterly increments, doTERRA let’s you earn product credits on your purchases, which can be redeemed for a small administration fee.
    When you place your monthly order of 125pv or more you will receive a free product of the month or POM. This oil varies each month and is an exciting way to build up your oil collection.
  • PV – DoTerra place a point value on every product they sell. This helps create a common ground and product value across a variety of countries and currencies.
  • The Loyalty Rewards Program opens opportunities for you to earn bonuses through various compensation schemes that can help you pay for your oils or even provide you with an income.