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Welcome to Pampurr!

My passion is health and wellness and my background has been in the beauty industry for over 30 years. During this time I have been a teacher, healer and holistic therapist. I have worked as a colonic hydro therapist so I have a particular interest in gut health and a very good understanding of the mind – gut connection.
Everything in our bodies is happening at a cellular level and all of those cells belong to systems that keep our bodies functioning. Our bodies are constantly striving to achieve a state of balance, but without the correct minerals, vitamins and fluids it can become a constant battle resulting in imbalance or dis-ease. 
In order to achieve optimal health our cells require correct nutrition. Cellular function is responsible for our energy production, vitality, glowing skin and much more.

I’m excited to use and recommend doTERRA essential oils in my practice. These oils can be used aromatically, topically and some ingested, (check to label first). The secret is to create simple daily rituals that work for you, such as adding a few drops of Wild Orange and Fennel to your water bottle. I love to add a drop of Yarrow Pom and Black Spruce to my face oil. But most of all I love to aromatically dress in my favourite oils. I can’t imagine my life without these beautiful pure fumes, the most wonderful gifts from nature. DoTERRA are the only company in the world with a TGA CERTIFIED MANUFACTURING FACILITY which guarantees the purity of their oils.

Doterra Life Long Vitality supplements are FDA approved as a food nutrient complex (no more bright yellow urine) and are safe to use throughout pregnancy. The bioavailability of these nutrients allows your cells to recognise them as the fuel they require to complete vital processes. Within a fortnight of starting to take LLV I felt my energy levels rise to the next level. In fact since doTERRA has been a part of my life I have never felt better!
Doterra also has several skincare ranges and essential oils to address your concerns from rosacea, acne, pigmentation and ageing. I offer personalised skin consultations and facials. Reducing toxic load is another important step we can take to protect our health. Sadly we are exposed to environmental toxins every day so detoxification needs to be an ongoing part of our wellness journey.

Do you have a health concern that you feel may benefit from a more holistic approach?
Symphony of the Cells are essential oil protocols that target body systems rather than just the symptoms. Become empowered regarding your own health and take a proactive approach to wellness. I offer personalised wellness consultations in person or via Zoom or phone.

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I currently operate on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland.


I really look forward to meeting you and becoming part of your wellness journey.

Sheree Disaya