High Performance Facials with a Touch of Aloha


Massage Treatments

(Available for ladies only)


Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage 

Where beauty is felt, spirit is honoured & traditions
are respected.

For The Massage Connoisseur!

This sensual (non sexual) massage is delivered with minimal draping to allow your Therapist access to the energetic flow of your body. It’s all about letting go of emotional blocks, mental and physical stress that tends to cause our energy to become ‘stuck’, leading to disharmony and disease. Our bodies continuously strive to maintain a state of homeostasis or balance in order to function optimally.Your Therapist will use forearms in long flowing strokes over and under your body, like waves washing over you! Firmer pressure can be applied using elbows to release energetic blocks.

This Rites of Passage massage is steeped in ancient Hawaiian traditions. Immerse yourself in the flow of life force energy with this harmonious style of healing therapy and Huna bodywork. Release your worries and fears and feel free to just ‘be’.

Ask your Therapist about incorporating dōTERRA Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Aromatherapy Oils into your treatment. Additional costs apply.

80 minutes -200 /60 mins-150


A Touch Of Aloha

This beautiful form of bodywork provides a holistic approach to healing by balancing the body’s physical, emotional and spiritual
dimensions. Originally used in the South Pacific as a transformational Rites of Passage and healing system, this powerful experience instils a calming sense of deep relaxation. This treatment is delivered fully draped with a sarong or towels for the discerning client.

30 minutes-75 /45 mins-90 /60 mins-120/ 80 mins-150 


Pregnancy Massage 

We have a beautiful pregnancy massage table to accommodate your growing baby bump. Massage can also be provided side lying for your comfort. Not available prior to 13 weeks and please obtain your Doctors permission prior to booking. We use Certified Organic massage oil, when only the best will do!

30 mins-75 /45 mins-90/60 mins-120


Relaxation Massage

A relaxing treatment to ease the pain of weary muscles. Just what you need to unwind after a busy day or week. This massage is based on the traditional Swedish style.

30 mins-75/ 45 mins-90/ 60mins-120





We use Certified Organic massage oil with

dōTERRA Ice Blue Athletic Blend.

Cooling and soothing relief post workout, marathon, footy training arthritis, muscular aches and pains or following any strenuous activity.

Ingredients: Wintergreen, Camphor, Peppermint,

Blue Tansy, German Chamomile, Helychrysum

and Osmanthus.

60 mins – $130



We use Certified Organic massage oil with

dōTERRA Lavender Peace Blend.

The perfect way to relax and unwind away from your busy schedule. This calming blend of Lavender, Cedarwood, Ho Wood, Marjoram, Roman Chamomile, Ylang Ylang, Vetiver, Hawaiian Sandalwood and Vanilla create a subtle aroma.

Peaceful and renewing for your body, mind and soul.

60 mins – $130




We use  Certified Organic massage oil with

dōTERRA Zendocrine Essential Oil Blend.

This powerful blend combines Rosemary, Cilantro and Juniper Berry, known for their detoxifying properties and ability to support healthy liver and kidney function, while Tangerine and Geranium have purifying effects against unhealthy substances.

The perfect way to kickstart a new health regime!

60 mins – $130

You may like to try a Detox Foot Spa before hand to give your circulation an extra boost (30 mins – $50)